Captivate Buyers with These Online Selling Guidelines!

Monday, April 5, 2021

What do you do with your current Playstation when the new Playstation comes out? What about when you get an unwanted gift for Christmas? What most people do is sell those items on Offerup, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, and get their money’s worth! 68% of people get Christmas gifts they don’t want, and 34% of people get rid of them. That's a lot of people potentially selling on those sights. If you want to outdo your competition with a dazzling Craigslist, Offerup, or Facebook Marketplace post, follow these guidelines and watch your phone battery drain from all the incoming buyer inquiries!

If you saw someone selling an old pair of shoes for $115 on craigslist how would you feel? Offended, maybe annoyed? Don’t annoy people with your post. Buyers aren’t looking to spend top dollar on used goods, so the items that you are selling need to be marked down a noticeable amount from the retail price. For products like clothing this might be as much as 50%, whereas others products like electronics, furniture, and appliances tend to hold their value so a 10-15% mark down may be adequate. If your product doesn’t seem to be selling at the set price, you can bring it down by a small amount every week. Depending on the sight doing this might actually bump your product up to the top of the search results. 

If you want the item you’re selling to gain more traffic, or appear more often in the search results you can use keywords in your app description to make it relate to different items. You don’t have to do this by writing an elaborate description that includes every related product, rather at the bottom of the description you can list off related terms. For example if you are selling a pair of Nike shoes, you can list words and phrases like Footwear, Apparel, Adidas, Basketball shoes, Sporting goods, Fashion, and Attire at the bottom of the description. Now when someone uses one of those keywords in their search your item will pop up in the search results. 

Sometimes that Christmas gift is legitimately repulsive, and your old Playstation is now so ancient that even the most dazzling post won’t sell your product; if that’s your predicament, then no need to worry! There’s another great app called PICKL that you can use to make cash. 

The mobile app PICKL will pay you $5 to snap pictures of products at a retailer in your area. The app is free and available on the App Store. You can use the app while grocery shopping if you have a busy schedule and don’t feel like making a dedicated trip to the store. PICKL makes it practical and convenient for everyone to make some extra money, no matter their situation. Find a task on the map, find the product in the store, snap a few pics, click a few questions and you've made $5! Cashout to your bank account asap. There is no purchase necessary and you don't have to talk to anyone at the store.

PICKL is way easier than selling online. Just a quick trip to your local store to collect and you'll be enjoying that sweet PICKL cash in your bank!

Excited to see your first PICKL!

Happy PICKLing 💚

-PICKL Posse

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