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Download the PICKL app in the Apple App Store
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Ask PICKL Anything

What is PICKL?

PICKL is an app that pays shoppers like you $5 for simple tasks including taking pics and answering simple questions about specific brands in nearby stores. Think of PICKL as a fun scavenger hunt game to discover new brands while making extra cash!​

The PICKL app is live in the United States App Store.

How much can I earn with PICKL?

That is really up to you, your schedule and your effort. There really is no limit. If you are quick about holding PICKLs and efficient about executing the tasks, $5 a task really adds up!

When can I PICKL?

You can PICKL any time that stores are open for business and you have a few minutes to spare. Grab the PICKL tasks that appeal to you at times and places that work for your schedule. Do as many or as few tasks as you wish - there is no commitment or pressure!

What if I'm hungry for more PICKL tasks?

Keep your notifications on!
New PICKL tasks from exciting brands are blasted out daily - keep your notifications on if you want to be the first to hear about new tasks in your area!

Can't get enough PICKL tasks?
You can ask us for more right in the app.

Can't shop right away?
If you can't complete a task right away, you can open the app and put a task on hold for up to 72 hours.

What stores and products are on PICKL?

We have all kinds of brands and products that you would find at the grocery store, pharmacy or big box store including food, beverage, health and beauty and toys. You can find PICKL tasks at great stores like Whole Foods, Target, Walmart, Sprouts, CVS, Publix, Kroger, Ralph’s and more. We continue to scour the brand universe looking to help brands get feedback from shoppers like you.

Do you know someone who manages a brand or product that would love PICKL? Please suggest a brand by emailing us at

What do I do if I can't find the product?

Sometimes products can be hiding in an unexpected section of the store, or the requested products are hiding in 2 or 3 areas of the store, so be creative about searching for products. Make sure to look for all the products requested in the app and read the special notes. You can ask a store employee for help finding a product and show them the example pic on your phone.

Other times, the product is out of stock. In this case, you can answer the question about this and take pictures of the shelf where the product should be. You will still get credit for completing the task.

Is PICKL Legit?

We know. We hear it all the time. We know that with other popular shopping apps, it can take FOREVER to earn $5. Driving and delivery apps take a lot of hard work too. PICKL seems too good to be true, right? Well, we do things a little differently. Here's the scoop. Brands need to know what is happening with their products in stores and they need your help! Every time you do a PICKL, you are really doing them an awesome favor!

Who can join the PICKL Shopper Team?

Anyone who goes grocery shopping and has a smartphone can join the PICKL team! We are looking for people of all ages and experience levels who love brand, enjoy shopping and want a little extra income, from students to seniors. Join over 10,000 PICKL shoppers today!

Is PICKL easy to use?

Yes! PICKL is super easy. If you can take a pic with your phone, you'll be great - a PICKL All Star!

A PICKL task takes 5 minutes to complete in store - find the product, snap 5 requested pics, click a few survey questions. Add a note if you notice anything special. Then submit! Take bonus pics of yourself in the store with the product and share on social too! #Sheflies @picklposse

Where will I find PICKL tasks?

You can use PICKL anywhere in the US and Canada. PICKL tasks are sent to 1000s of popular grocery, pharmacy and big box stores. Find PICKL tasks at stores near home, work or travel destinations. So, anywhere you go, just check the PICKL app and click on the store name to get directions to the nearest PICKL!
Get the app and find all the PICKL tasks near you!

Do I need to buy anything when I PICKL?

Nope! PICKL is a free app. No purchase necessary.Just sweet, sweet PICKL cash going straight to your bank account. Whew, we know that’s a relief!If you’d like to thank us, please give a PICKL app review!

What makes a top quality PICKL?

Please take all of the requested pics and answer all of the simple questions for each PICKL. Sometimes the requested products are located in 2 or 3 areas of the store, so look around or ask staff!

Use a steady hand to make sure the pics are in focus and similar to the example photos. Get a good angle, stand back so you get a lot of products in the shot.

Brands love reading your notes about the products. Is the product on the shelf? Is it messy, damaged, crowded, too high, too low, hard to find, in the wrong section - give us the details!

PICKL tasks that are missing pics or did not completely satisfy the task may receive a partial payment, for example $3 instead of $5.

Can I do PICKL if I am a driver or shopper for another app?

Are you already in your car driving around town for as a driver or shopper for apps like Instacart, Shipt, Uber, Lyft, Grubhub, Doordash or Postmates? As long as you aren’t interrupting the flow of your work with another app company, we are totally fine with you tacking on a $5 PICKL task to increase your productivity, gas mileage and profits!

Add PICKL to your day when you want, where you want and how you want. No more worrying about customers lowering tips and complaining.

Just add a sweet $5 PICKL to pick up your spirits.

Help! I have a PICKL tech question.

If you aren’t able to submit pics after taking them, try connecting to the store’s WiFi and try again. If that is not possible, walk around the store to see if you can get a stronger cell signal.If you still don’t have luck, don’t close your app and try to submit your pics again when you have WiFi coverage.

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